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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction 

1) Personal privacy policy is SHOPDIST's policy to protect the user's personal information and personal information protection.

2) Personal information is: identify individual names, addresses and personal details (in addition, information that does not recognize personally identifiable information.)

3) Whenever you use our website, please confirm these policies as long as you use our website.

4) We have the right to modify, amend, add and remove this policy.


2. Consent to Collection of Personal Information

1) Customers must agree with all the rules and conditions when using our services.

2) When the customer began to use our services, we will be regarded as the customer agreed to provide our personal information.

3) The purpose of collecting and using personal information

    Even some of our services are available without membership, but we collect personal information to provide you with a variety of member services that are optimized to your specific needs.

    The purpose of collecting personal information is as follows.

    (1) In order to be able to provide users with better service

    (2) In order to provide information and advertising to the customer

    (3) We won’t share information with third parties without your consent.

    (4) However, if the need for statistical processing, research, market research, the use of part of the information is permitted

4) How to collect personal information and details

   (1) In the process of joining our site, the customer must provide the necessary information, such as name, postal code, occupation, etc.

   (2) In order to provide better service, customers must enter their e-mail, address and mobile  phone number.

   (3) In the case of paid services for customers, you must enter some of the additional information required after completing the basic information.

   (4) In addition, during various surveys or special events, customers are required to enter information for statistical processing and special purposes.

   (5) Sometimes customer information is automatically collected by some websites or advertisements linked to our Website, in which case our policy is not applied.

   Therefore, please be careful.

5) Personal information retention period

    If you become a member through these procedures, your information may be used according to the type and characteristics of different services

6) Sharing and disclosing personal information

    We will let you know in advance when our company wants to use your personal information. And we won’t disclose or share your information to any other purpose.

    However, there are the following exceptions:

    (1) If the user agrees to disclose information in advance

    (2) You violate the terms and conditions of the Services and applicable laws.

    (3) If the user is likely to cause mental or physical damage to another person

    (4) In the case that we have evidence that the user ha potential problems

    (5) Other cases based on relevant laws

    Our company can only share information with third parties for the purpose of providing research, development and better service.

7) Personal information management by users (View, modification, cancellation, etc.)

    (1) The user can modify the information or cancel it as desired.

    (2) You may discontinue or cancel your membership. Canceled information is immediately discarded and can not be viewed.

8) Management of personal information

    (1) The user is responsible for the management of the user's password, so we recommend that do not disclose the password to anyone else.

    (2) It is recommended to log out when you close your browser after using your computer.  

         Especially in your workplace, school, library, Internet cafe, and any other places where your information is used by others.

         In order to protect against information leakage, please follow the steps above.

9) Personal information consultation

    Our company glad to receives requests from customers for their valuable comments and privacy. Please contact your legal counsel.